Community Information

Board of Directors Meetings

Board meeting information will be posted inside the clubhouse on the information board near the gym when the meetings are scheduled. The Board meetings are typically held every other month and the dates are TBD.

Trash and Recycling Information

Trash & recycling pickup days are every Friday, bulk items are picked up once a week on Thursdays. Every resident is responsible for getting their trash inside the trash compactors. Please keep the trash areas as clean as possible, making sure all bags are tied tightly. If you have a bag that may leak please double bag. Any trash that is left in the breezeways will be inspected for the person(s) responsible, and the resident will be sent a violation notice. If you have any questions regarding trash disposal, please contact the management office.

American Disposal: 703-368-0500


Don’t be towed! Please review the community’s parking rules and regulations. Contact the Management Office to request parking permits.

Battlefield Towing: 703-378-0059

Architectural Control

Architectural control restrictions are designed to maintain the aesthetic harmony of the community and units. Residents may want to make major or structural modifications to the interior of their units, such as moving or adding walls, or any major renovations to their unit or balconies. To ensure the modifications are in keeping with the Association’s governing documents, written permission must be obtained from the Board prior to commencing work on the project. Before making any changes to your unit an Architectural Modification Request must be submitted and approved in writing. Contact the management office with any questions concerning the application process. 


The Association maintains insurance policies on the buildings, common elements and grounds. The individual unit owner is responsible for insuring their unit and the personal property within it. Unit owners are encouraged to seek independent recommendations from qualified brokers concerning insurance they should maintain to protect their interests, including a rider for the Association’s deductible. The Stonegate at Faircrest Condominium is insured by Preferred Insurance. Your mortgage company may send you a notice requesting proof of Master Insurance coverage at year’s end, the renewal date of the insurance policy, the anniversary date of your mortgage, or when you are selling your home. You may also need this information for refinancing and other financial transactions. You can obtain this proof by requesting a Certificate of Insurance directly from the Association’s insurance agent by emailing your request to [email protected].